IGERT Trainees

Alan J. RabideauMary A. Bisson

Appointent: Professor of Biological Sciences

Office:623 Hochstetter Hall

Phone: (716) 645-2363 ext. 108

Fax:(716) 645-2975

Email: bisson at acsu buffalo edu

Home Page:http://www.biology.buffalo.edu/dept/faculty/bisson/bisson.html

Research Interests: membrane transport phenomena in macrophytic algae, impact of salt stress and gravity on algae


Recent Publications:

  • Bisson, M. A., Beilby, M. J. (2008). "Transport Systems of Ventricaria ventricosa: Asymmetry of the Hyper- and Hypotonic Regulation Mechanisms," Journal of Membrane Biology, 225(1-3):13-25.
  • Bisson, M. A., Beilby, M. J., Shepherd, V. A. (2006). "Electrophysiology of Turgor Regulation in Marine Siphonous Green Algae," Journal of Membrane Biology, 211(1):1-14.
  • Shepherd, V. A., Beilby, M. J., Bisson, M. A. (2004). "When is a cell not a cell? A theory relating coenocytic structure to the unusual physiology of Ventricaria ventricosa (Valonia ventricosa)," Protoplasma, 223(2-4):79-91.


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